Rip-off at cash machines: Pay attention to the exchange rate when withdrawing money on vacation in Croatia.

When it comes to withdrawals at ATMs abroad, especially in countries like Croatia that have not yet introduced the euro, many users still fall into the cost trap. The perfide to it: Usually one notices only after the return from the vacation that the costs of the use of an ATM in Croatia are excessively high. Even if one is...

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Coronavirus Croatia: New infections record numbers

Currently, the media is outdoing itself with bad news regarding the Europe-wide spread of the COVID 19 pandemic caused by Sars-CoV-2. Croatia might step these days again into the focus of the not rarely also politically motivated reporting, because exactly Nikolina Brnjac, since 23 July 2020 Minister for sport and tourism, infected herself with the Corona virus, as Croatian media...

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Measures and travel regulations for Austrian and German holiday-makers to Covid-19 times with journeys to Croatia, Italy, Slovenia

The off-season at the Adriatic Sea in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia lures this year with much sun, particularly empty beaches in addition, different regulations and measures for German and Austrian holiday-makers because of the Coronavirus with the entry and departure as well as in the transit. We dared the attempt to summarize the most different regulations and measures once for...

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Croatia holidays in times of Corona (Covid-19)

In the SeaHelp headquarters in Ebensee/Austria and in the office in Punat/Croatia/Krk, the telephones are not currently idle due to the corona situation in Croatia. Concerned members are asking for an assessment of the situation to see if it is possible for SeaHelp to spend the summer vacation in Croatia or on the Adriatic Sea. Ultimately, even SeaHelp can only...

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