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Croatia holidays in times of Corona (Covid-19)

In the SeaHelp headquarters in Ebensee/Austria and in the office in Punat/Croatia/Krk, the telephones are not currently idle due to the corona situation in Croatia. Concerned members are asking for an assessment of the situation to see if it is possible for SeaHelp to spend the summer vacation in Croatia or on the Adriatic Sea. Ultimately, even SeaHelp can only...

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Croatia vacationer reports - empty beaches

Probably no one could describe the situation on site in Croatia better than the large SeaHelp community, of which numerous owners are already on site with their ships after the COVID-19 lockdown and share their impressions of the vacation quasi "live" via Facebook and Instagram on the respective SeaHelp channels. When SeaHelp asked its followers on Facebook to briefly describe...

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Vacation Croatia - Porec few vacationers

Holiday Croatia 2019 vs. 2020: Just last year, innumerable users, especially in the social media, were up in arms about the alleged mass tourism in Croatia and proved it with rising tourism figures. Some even threatened to turn their backs on the country on the Adriatic forever. Currently, Croatia, with what is probably Europe's most beautiful coast, is considered to...

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