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Current fuel prices Easter for Croatia vacationers: Slovenia extends fuel price cap until the end of April

Fuel prices Easter vacation Croatia 2022 - refuel in fuel paradise Slovenia
To avoid high fuel prices on the way to the Adriatic Sea, especially to Croatia, a fuel stop in Slovenia should be planned.

Good news for all Croatia vacationers who travel with their own vehicle: Slovenia has not adjusted the fuel prices for gasoline and diesel at Easter to the conditions usual in the European market, but has extended them by a total of 14 days, so that Easter vacationers on the way to Croatia, but also on the way back in Slovenia can fill up with gasoline and diesel at extremely favorable conditions.

In addition, SeaHelp members can beat the high fuel prices a little snip: at the 93 gas stations of the Crodux chain in Croatia, they get a discount of 10 Lipa (0.10 Kuna), and not only at the boat fuel stations (Novigrad, Vrsar, Zadar Gaženica, Ploče ), but also at the road fuel stations. And those who refuel their boat or yacht at one of the five Flash Energy water refueling stations (Veruda, Medulin, Krk, Murter, Marina Frapa) will receive a 15 lipa (0.15 kuna ) discount as a SeaHelp member.

Current fuel prices Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia

The high fuel prices on the way to the Adriatic Sea are currently causing problems for vacationers. In Germany, gasoline and diesel currently cost an average of 2.00 euros before Easter 2022, in Austria you pay for gasoline 1.69 euros and for diesel 1.80 euros. Italy is much more favorable: at Easter, gasoline currently costs 1.77 euros and diesel 1.76 euros. Croatia shows relatively moderate gasoline prices: 1,60 euro for gasoline and 1,77 euro for Diesel call here the price masts at the gas stations up. The current figures were provided by the Croatian Automobile Club HAK.

Fueling paradise Slovenia

One country is missing on the journey to the Adriatic: The current fuel paradise Slovenia with fuel prices of 1.48 euros for gasoline and 1.52 for diesel, as the Slovenian Center for Tourism, based in Ljubljana, announced on request. A good four weeks ago, Slovenia had frozen fuel prices at a low level for Europe. Although one could assume at first that this measure would end with the Easter travel wave, one saw oneself deceived, the prices remain constantly low also over Easter. As the Slovenian Tourist Board went on to say, the reason for this is probably to be found in the upcoming elections two weeks after Easter, an election gift to the citizens, so to speak.

Fuel price cap Slovenia until the end of April

This should probably also allow most Croatian holidaymakers to refuel cheaply again in Slovenia on their way home. With this capping of the gasoline prices should be however approx. 14 days after Easter first conclusion, because the favorable prices are cross-financed by the earlier favorable purchase from the Slovenian national fuel land reserve. If the cheap fuel from earlier purchases by the state is used up, the cap on prices will probably also have to be lifted.

Fuel up once and save up to 35 euros on gas

It will be particularly favorable for German vacationers, who will save about 35 euros on a tank of 70 liters for their passenger car, and thus should have more than made up for the always controversial toll in Slovenia with a cleverly planned fuel stop. But be careful: both on the outward journey and on the typical return days from the Easter vacation, long queues are expected in front of the Slovenian gas stations, here you should definitely plan a little time.

Slovenia lifts all Corona measures

However, Slovenia is waiting with another piece of news that should suit many holidaymakers: Just in time for the Easter season, the mask requirement imposed because of the Corona pandemic has been lifted, all Corona measures have been lifted effective immediately, according to the Slovenian Tourist Board.


Slovenia cancels all Corona measures
Slovenia cancels all Corona measures


Save with SeaHelp membership card

But SeaHelp members can also make additional savings on fuel prices, both when traveling by car and at boat fueling stations, by showing their SeaHelp membership card at Crodux and Flash fueling stations. Both companies are among the SeaHelp Advantage Partners and offer a discount of 10 and 15 Lipa, respectively, to members of the nautical breakdown service.

Diesel tank cleaners also on the road again

Apropos advantage partners: The Diesel tank cleaners of MFT Mikrofiltertechnik from Geesthacht plan again through Italy, Slovenia and Croatia to examine diesel tanks of yachts for the dangerous deposits of the diesel plague and take on advance notice also equal a thorough cleaning of the diesel tank. SeaHelp reported already. Also here SeaHelp members profit clearly from the special advantage discount conditions.

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