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Successful SeaHelp action is continued: Permit / vignette also 2022 simply and safely extend or reapply.

SeaHelp Service: Apply for permit, vignette and tourist tax Croatia for boats and yachts online.
Who wants to save the ways to the harbor captain and to the bank to avoid unnecessary contacts at the same time, can let extend the permit/vignette for Croatia also this year about SeaHelp.

SeaHelp Service: Who wants to save the annoying ways to the harbor captain and to the bank, to avoid unnecessary contacts at the same time, can also in this year 2022 the permit/vignette for Croatia quite simply via SeaHelp extend; the tourist tax can be transferred easily online.

To navigate Croatian waters with recreational boats, an annual permit (also called a vignette or permit) or, as it is called, “arrival notification for yachts or boats in the territorial waters of the Republic of Croatia” must be obtained from the harbor master’s office. Likewise, skippers must pay a sojourn tax (resort tax), this is calculated based on length of stay and boat length and can be paid online via by any boat owner. SeaHelp helps.

SeaHelp helps: comply with social distancing and save nerves when applying for a vignette

Boat owners can save time and avoid unnecessary contact at harbormasters’ offices, which are often small and frequented by many visitors, by letting SeaHelp provide this service for a small fee. Both renewal and re-application or change of vignette are possible.

Our Croatian SeaHelp cooperation partner Mandinus d.o.o. will gladly take care of the registration formalities for you, and after you have paid the fees including the application fee, you will then receive the payment confirmation in the form of the e-vignette.

Permit renewal, new application & change: with SeaHelp easily to the e-vignette

Do you want to renew your permit, apply for a new permit or make a change? We show you how to do it easily:


If you already have a permit / vignette from previous years and nothing has changed in the data, you only need an extension.

New registration

If the owner is sailing in Croatian waters for the first time, or the boat is already in Croatian waters but has a new owner, then the boat must be completely re-registered.


An amendment to the permit/vignette becomes necessary if the information is incorrect and needs to be corrected, such as a spelling mistake on the vignette, if the boat has been renamed, if there are new co-owners, a change of engine or technical changes to the vessel.

If you decide to become a member of Europe’s largest breakdown service at sea, the first step is to calculate yourself online here your membership fee including application fee for the permit by entering your boat length.

You do not want SeaHelp membership and do not want to benefit from our benefit from free member services? Well, this is also possible: in this case, even without membership, you can handle the permit for Croatia through SeaHelp.

The SeaHelp service is also available for non-members

In a second step, our partner Mandinus d.o.o. then applies for the permit / vignette, sends the applicant the cost invoice (permit / vignette fee + application fee) for the payment including all required data (bank details, purpose of use).

Then the applicant transfers the cost invoice with purpose of use (exactly as received from Mandinus d.o.o.) to Mandinus d.o.o., which then makes the payment to the port capitanerie in Kuna.

The processing may take 3 to 5 working days, the application should be made in time

Finally – after receiving the payment – in a last step Mandinus d.o.o. receives the e-vignette and forwards it immediately to the applicant by e-mail. Attention: the processing may take 3 to 5 working days, the application should be made in time.

Important here: The vignette is not valid for 12 months, but only for the calendar year. Thus, all vignettes acquired in 2021 expired.

The accruing tourist tax, boat and yacht owners can now easily pay online, this option is no longer offered by SeaHelp. The portal nautika.evistor provides the corresponding tool for online payment of the tourist tax. It can be operated very clearly. There are also no restrictions here, such as when applying for the permit.

SeaHelp services provide service, protection and security

Since SeaHelp addresses itself with this offer not only to members, but to all boat and yacht owners in Croatia, at this point still a reference in own thing is permitted: Those who currently do not have a SeaHelp membership should consider for themselves whether it makes sense to join the ever-growing SeaHelp community.

The attractive benefits offer the safety on water that skippers need. Fast, expert help is just two clicks away on your smartphone in an emergency (SeaHelp APP: Apple smartphone | Android Smartphone) or by calling the 24h SeaHelp helpline 0043 50 43 112 can be reached.

Here’s how to apply for your vignette/permit online:

SeaHelp Service: apply for permit, vignette and tourist tax Croatia for boats and yachts online...: Click here to apply online.

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