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First members use towing offer: Despite corona crisis in Croatia: SeaHelp remains active

Change of berth from Punat to Mitan
Secure transfer: The motor yacht will be towed to Marina Mitan in Novo Vinodolski.
Even though public life is slowly coming to a standstill because of the Coronavirus, SeaHelp members have nothing to worry about: The SeaHelp Breakdown Service continues to take care of the needs of members who are currently unable to visit the marinas in Croatia and thus their ship. On the morning of March 19, they towed a ship from the Marina Punat on the island of Krk to the Marina Mitan near Novo Vinodolski.

Change of berth

The owner, a SeaHelp member, had cancelled the berth as of 31 March 2020, but was unable to transfer his 13-metre motor yacht even because of the 30-day entry ban imposed. In the “old” marina, whose berth he cancelled, he would have had to pay high daily prices, at least according to the official price list. The booked berth in Novo Vinodolski in the Marina Mitan would have remained empty, because the transfer was not possible, but would have had to be paid as well. So there would have been a double payment.

Marina tow from Punat to Mitan: Departure in Punat
Departure in Punat: The motor yacht is towed out of the harbour.

Despite Corona active on the water

That is why he decided to take advantage of the SeaHelp offer. On March 19, the day after the extensive restrictions in Croatia to combat the spread of the Coronavirus were put in place, the motor yacht was towed by a SeaHelp rescue boat over 24 nautical miles to the Marina Mitan.

Transfer only by tow

SeaHelp generally takes the boats in tow and does not sail them on their own keel to avoid damage. Both at the time of takeover and when moored in the port of destination, appropriate photos are taken to document the proper condition before and after the order.

Marina tow from Punat to Mitan: On the way
On the way from Marina Punat to Novo Vinodolski.

Calm adriatic Sea

For the crew of the rescue boat, however, towing the boat from Punat to Novo Vinodolski in the Marina Mitan was not an everyday job: “Without any ships you meet on the way, such a tow is a very special experience. Especially when the sea lies calmly before you. Obviously, the Adriatic Sea seems to have aligned itself with the Croatian lockdown…

Marina tow from Punat to Mitan: route: The lake rests still
The lake rests still – not only on land, but also on the water traffic has come to a standstill.

The boat owner who took advantage of the SeaHelp towing service was relieved to know that his motor yacht was now at Marina Mitan. When the 2020 water sports season starts, which is what most people think at the moment, he won’t have to spend his valuable free time on transport and formalities, but will be able to leave directly.

Continuing to be active for members

SeaHelp will continue to serve the needs of its members for the next 30 days. For questions and information, the breakdown service can still be reached through the usual channels, even though the staff in Punat and Austria are currently working from their home office.

Marina tow from Punat to Mitan: route
Tracking – The tow is on the way, the location can be tracked by the control centre.
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